Umbrian Ciauscolo (approx 300g) - £13.50

Bonny Vita Ciauscolo

Ciauscolo (pron. chow-ooh-scolo) is a variety of Italian spreadable salami, typical of the Marche and the Umbria region. Our Ciauscolo comes from the town of Norcia, located in the heart of Umbria. 

It is a smoked and dry-cured sausage, made from pork meat and fat cut from the shoulder and belly. It is spiced with Italian Chilli and wild garlic. The meat is finely ground, mixed with the spices and cure, stuffed into wide hog middles, and left for a 12- to 24-hour drying period. Once the surface has become tacky, the sausage is cold smoked over juniper branches for two days, then hung to cure. The result is a very soft, moist sausage which can be spread on almost everything.  

Ciauscolo gained Protected Geographical Indication status in 2009.

Excellent as antipasti, served with cheese, onto pizza and pasta, as stuffing for turkey/chicken and makes the most orgasmic cheese on toast!