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Bonny Vita: the Scots dialect for beautiful and the Italian for life

When standing on a hillside in Umbria with a handful of the most intoxicating fresh Pregiato truffle , knowing that myself and some good friends would be sharing and savouring them soon...I certainly thought so.

My name is Francesco Loretucci and my family have been hunting above and below the ground in the land surrounding Norcia for generations. I have called the UK home for many years and now I want to bring the tartufi, the wonderful truffles that grow on my families land and share them with you, along with other fantastic artisanal foods made by friends in my native Italy.

Bonny Appetito


Fresh Truffles

Diamanti Neri, the black diamonds found in the hills of my native land. We bring them to you so fresh, we can even tell you the name of the dog that found them!

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Truffle Products

Here, different truffle varieties are procured into a fantastic range of versatile and truly delicious comestibles for your delectation

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In Norcia, we don’t just have a passion for truffles, we have been known for our artisanal butchery for years, so good at curing and carving meat that butchers are traditionally known as Norcini across Italy

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Pistacchio Products

Our friends in Sicily produce the most incredibly vibrant green pistachio nuts renowned for their flavour and colour across Italy. Some chefs consider them the finest in the world.

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